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Wangfeng Joined the 2023 HongKong Electronics Fair with T20

2023-04-13 18:51:53

12th – 15th April, Wangfeng joined the 2023 HongKong Electronics Fair with it’s newly launched Smart Water Heated Mattress – T20 series, as it’s 1st exposure to the public.

Comparing with traditional electric heated mattress, water heated mattress is a more advantaged solution as safer, more healthy, more comfortable and more convenient.

Instead of warming the body by a heated wire, water heated mattress utilize the warmed current and prove a more tender and cozy feeling to our skin, while lying on it. Also since the engine just plumped the warm current into the mattress, it can be more safer and really 0 radiation.

T20 even doesn’t need a controller as it has wireless module inside which enable it connect to your mobile phone and use your phone. What’s more, as just at an A5 size, you can put it wherever near your bed, either on the cupboard or just on the floor.

Besides T20, Wangfeng also brings its 2023 new electric heated products to the fair, including new heated throw, heated blanked, and body care products. Fashion designed products, comfortable and advanced materials, reliable quality,  as well as it’s professional manufacturing background, hundreds of visitors come to Wanfeng’s showroom every day. 2023 HongKong Electronics Fair not only means a good business opportunity for Wangfeng to make connection to more global customers, but an impressive exposure for modern Chinese Manufacturing.